The West African Rescue Association also known as WARA is the leading private medical assistance and emergency rescue service in Ghana and in West Africa. We provide a range of emergency and clinical services to individuals, families or corporate clients, who decide to take out a membership agreement with us.

Those who wish to enjoy the benefits of our emergency services and private clinics must become registered members of our organization as we do not work on an on call basis. The full diversity of our wide range of emergency services, ground and air rescue, clinical services and support services which we provide can be seen in detail under each section found on the vertical navigation screen.

Background to the WARA Organization

WARA was founded in 2005 with the goal of proving that a high standard emergency system can operate in a developing environment. It was our hope that with time this standard would assist in improving general levels of emergency care in the region. We run a ground ambulance service within the greater Accra – Tema region and in Takoradi and air rescue services throughout the remote parts of Ghana and regional air rescue throughout the West African Region.

Whilst our headquarters are based in the capital of Ghana, Accra we have various clinics and bases throughout Ghana and also run a base in Sierra Leone. Please see our Sierra Leone website for details on this base.(click here to connect to that) For directions and contacts please see WARA CONTACT INFORMATION.

Our medical assistance team consists of a diverse group of health care professionals with extensive medical expertise. More details on our team can be seen under

Our ambulance response services are ably supported by immediate ambulance dispatches from our fleet of ambulance vehicles and response cars. Each ambulance consisting of a full range of emergency rescue equipment, as would be found and utilized in any emergency rescue organization in a first world environment. We invite interested persons to pass by our offices and view our ambulances, response vehicles and medical equipment at any time. We are regularly audited by international assistance and medical teams and have had excellent feedback from all audits performed thus far. If you would like to explore our equipment in more detail, this can be seen under the section named EMERGENCY RESPONSE EQUIPMENT
For membership and registration, see section TARIFFS AND REGISTRATON for details and CONTACTS.

As the sole representative of West African Rescue Association E.V., WARA is involved in a number of projects on their behalf which benefit the overall health care system in Ghana. This is seen as a humanitarian attempt aimed at improving modern rescue techniques in a developing environment. This is called our corporate responsibility and more information on this area of our work can be seen under the section called: CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY PROJECTS.

A Brief Overview of the Complexity of Good Health Care in Ghana:

As in any developing country, finding good health care can be complex. Ghana is no exception. Unfortunately you cannot expect to find all your medical needs met at any one health care facility in a ‘one stop shop’. In addition, health care can vary at any one facility depending upon those on duty or which diagnostics are currently functional and which are ‘temporarily’ out of order. Having said this compared to that found elsewhere in poorer less developed countries surrounding Ghana, in Accra one can find a wide range of good reliable diagnostics. Currently we can facilitate: MRI Scans, CT Scans, Ultra Sounds, internationally accredited laboratories, mammography, echo cardiograms, and bone density scans, just to mention some. It is important however to bear in mind that the level of health care and availability in Ghana deteriorates rapidly outside of the main cities of Accra and Kumasi where diagnostics and reliable health care are common. Likewise Ghana – Accra – has fast become a reliable medical stabilization point within the greater West Africa Region which is explained in more detail in our section of AIR RESCUE SERVICES where WARA frequently moves patients from less developed regions to Accra for urgent medical support.

Our organization has established working relationships with key facilities which each have their area of core competence medically where we have reliable doctors and specialists with whom we can work. As a part of our operational management it is essential that we keep a constant flow of updated for our network of information regarding these facilities so we can regularly access the availability of essential procedures at any one time.

Ghana’s medical expertise and health care has developed dramatically over the past few years and continues to develop. Along with this comes the constant growth in the general population of the city and the stress on limited health care resources. Many of the larger emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients and access into any specialized facilities can be both challenging and can take a long waiting times which is not ideal when in a life threatening crisis situation.

Over the past years WARA has worked hard to establish and maintain excellent relationships with over 25 different heath care and diagnostic facilities and has a well-established valuable network of over 120 specialist doctors in Ghana.

As a registered member of WARA, most initial stabilization steps will be done on site or in our ambulance en route to the hospital facility and not in the local emergency room setting. This time saved is beneficial to the patient. Read more on this under GROUND AMBULANCE SERVICES. Our medics remain with our clients as long as it is necessary until well handed over to a competent treating team. For as long as our clients are admitted into hospital one of our medical team will continue to visit you each day in order to receive regular updates of your treatment and recovery process.

As a policy WARA does not openly recommend any one facility as the treatment team we chose for you will be uniquely selected carefully according to your immediate medical need and medical situation. There are some good private hospital facilities in Ghana but most have certain weaknesses and shortfalls that can be supported by WARA's medical involvement in the case. We encourage our clients to call the WARA medical hotline to assist them in the decision making process of which facility to use for their current complaint.

We will ensure that if and when a second opinion is required you gain contact with the best specialists that Ghana has to offer. We make the necessary links for you and also provide professional ambulance services from the scene of the medical crisis to the hospital and from hospital to hospital in the event you require additional diagnostics that are not available where you have been admitted. As a part of your membership with us we will visit you in Accra every day if you are admitted. Read more on this under SUPPORT SERVICES, DAILY HOSPITAL VISITS.

Should you be admitted or require urgent diagnostics which require cash up front and you do not have the funds – by calling the hotline first to authorize that WARA has accounts in place with the various key institutions with whom we work and this can easily be arranged.