Social Corporate Responsibility


West African Rescue Association Develops their a long arm of
Corporate Responsibility in the West African Region

We offer free basic life support and advanced life support training to all of the health care facilities with whom we work. This includes groups of doctors and nurses and sometimes security guards and drivers at various institutions. We look forward to extending this by working with the National Disaster Management Office (NADMO). We hope through this to extend our trainings to all the task forces in Ghana thereby assisting the country in the preparation for any unforeseen eventuality of a natural catastrophe. This will directly increase the number of first aid providers in diverse communities. In addition our ambulance response fleet has become a part of the national response locally to assist in any major air disaster.

We do blood donations and hope with time to become a regular and reliable supplier to the major blood bank in Ghana. With a high road accident rate, blood is often in short supply in Ghana. We look forward to being able to provide various areas in need with healthy blood donations through the major blood bank in Accra.

In addition we regularly offer free vaccinations such as meningitis for example in an attempt to boost local health care in the community.

We are a registered member of the Global Compact. This is the world’s largest and most global voluntary corporate responsibility initiative with over 10,000 corporate participants/stake holders from more than 130 different countries. www.unglobalcompact.org

Working as a private ambulance response and clinical medical service provider in a third world environment, our team automatically comes in close contact with many local facilities and initiatives which are less advantaged than ours.

WARA has developed a strong commitment to try and assist as much as possible within the arena of our team’s expertise. In this way our team has identified many worthwhile areas and ways which we contribute either through skill exchange, training workshops, awareness campaigns and corporate leadership support to any organization or facility which we see could benefit from the above support resulting in up-lifting of health care.

We prefer not to give monetary funds but have chosen to see the immediate effect of our direct input and assistance through skill provision. This direct input allows us the reward of full transparency to witness the immediate effects of time and resources spent on worthy causes which we identify each year within the healthcare sector. Results from such direct input is in our opinion more beneficial than giving of fund’s and not being able to see the immediate benefit or be certain that such funds are indeed being directed in the right ways within that organization which they were initially intended.

Other corporate clients or individuals who may wish to assist with such initiatives in the future either jointly or in the form of identifying more worthwhile causes to contribute to is most welcome to work with us or share such ideas with us for the benefit of improving the health of individuals in Ghana.

Some of the ways in which we have assisted thus far are summarized below:
  • Regular blood donation drives held at public places to maximise donations utilizing West African Rescue Associations name to attract multiple donors. Blood collected is donated to the National Blood Bank Service to assist them with a healthy and regular supply of whole blood. All expenses in the day’s events are carried by West African Rescue Association. We have been kindly donated juice and biscuits for this event from GAME at the Accra Mall.
  • Regular free trauma, basic and advanced life support training for individuals, schools, hospitals, and local ambulance services in order to create a higher level of first aid training for both private and professional use in Ghana
  • Regular free vaccination days held at our clinics to eradicate certain pin pointed diseases so far our focus has been on Meningitis.
  • The provision of standby ambulance support for large political events for the Government of Ghana
  • Ongoing support to NADMO for National Disaster Management in Ghana for the improvement of disaster management response in Ghana.
  • When we are donating funds for various causes we turn this into worthwhile equipment either diagnostic or treatment and donate that to various less privileged health care intuitions
  • Ongoing commitment in the development and training for the Ghana Aquatic Life Saving Academy – full support of this initiative in improving water safety of Ghanaian waters by training competent life savers
  • A commitment to fight against HIV and AIDS in Ghana in prevention and treatment. Through awareness campaigns and affiliation with the GBAC Ghana Business Coalition Against HIV and AIDS.
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Our GM Caroline Pearman giving a motivational speech at the German European Trade Fair 2008 at the Accra National Theatre, trying to promote corporate organizations in Ghana to join the Ghana Business Coalition Against HIV to fight against HIV in the workplace.

WARA receives a painting as a thank you for their voluntary support in the form of Basic Life Support Training for the first ever Life Saving Academy in Ghana – which was developed in collaboration with WARA to improve the safety of waters in Ghana

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