WARA Team Profile


Managing Director Mr. Florian Zagel
General Manager and Counseling Psychologist Ms. Caroline Pearman
Medical Director Dr. Isaac Akanko
Senior Medical Officer - Assistance
Dr. Chris Boafo-Sarfo
Operations Manager Mr. Achim Teich
General Manager - Finance Mr. Paul Nkansa

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Our head office is currently situated in Labone Accra, Ghana. Our management team practices with an open door policy and our team is always happy to deal with queries medical or contractual. We are also extremely enthusiastic to receive feedback from our members at any time regarding their experiences with our team so we can learn of your personal perceptions of our expertise and care. Should you ever wish to place a confidential suggestion or complaint into our suggestion box we have in all of our clinics. Click here to read THE WARA MANAGEMENT FOCUS BRIEF


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The WARA Medical team consists of a dedicated fully employed team of 18 Medical Doctors, 17 paramedics and 16 nurses and one counseling psychologist.

We currently recruit all of our medical officers from Ghana as their confidence in the area of tropical disease, malaria and cholera among the most common is paramount. Our paramedics on the other hand are recruited from South Africa, Europe, the US and Australia as it is our opinion that these countries currently have the best overall training and experience in trauma management and emergency care.

Across the board of our medical team the following languages are spoken: English, German, Afrikaans, Spanish and the local languages in Ghana.

The combined skills of expatriate paramedics and doctors from the operating region make for an ideal team for both emergency care and clinical practice. We also have our own in house counseling psychologist who specializes in Medical Psychology and Trauma Counseling and has EFT and NLP Psychology training.

Our current team of Doctors:

Led and guided by our Medical Director Doctor Isaac Akanko and his deputy medical director Doctor Philip Anderson our team of 18 Medical Doctors make up the WARA medical team. They are all currently permanent fully employed by the WARA organization. In addition to their Medical expertise as medical practitioners they all also have keep their Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), pediatric life support and advanced Medical Life support training, current through South Africa in order to boost their emergency procedures. We have chosen South Africa as their base for this training due to their leadership in emergency and trauma care. Our Medical Director Doctor Akanko in addition has done a post graduate degree in Occupational Health Medicine and can support our corporate clients with their occupational health and safety programs.

As previously mentioned our organization has made a purposeful decision to only employ Ghanaian doctors that bring along their experience and competence in the field of tropical medicine pertinent to diagnostics and treatment in this environment. They also have essential contacts in key places at various institutions where our patients are regularly admitted and this makes for smooth doctor to doctor reporting and excellent liaison with specialist referrals.

All our doctors go to South Africa to do their ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Life support and Advanced Medical Life support Training) courses to add to their clinical medical training and gain confidence in the emergency field. South Africa is a leading centre in the world for trauma care and for this purpose provides an excellent resource and training centre for our doctor team.

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Medical Director
Dr Isaac Akanko
Senior Medical Officer - Assistance
Dr. Chris Boafo-Sarfo

Our current team of paramedics

Our paramedics are all expatriates and currently recruited from South Africa or middle Europe and thus all have overseas experiences working in a first world medical environment. The team of paramedics, work under the leadership of our Medical Director and Deputy Medical Director and our EMS Manager, Mr Alexander Fisher, who leads the paramedic team.

They are competent in using emergency medications to ensure maximum life-saving chances during all transportations. They are comfortable in the helicopter, fixed wing or in the back of one of our ambulances to create their working environment surrounded by their full set of equipment that they need. Each of our medics has a dedicated emergency backpack which is fully stocked with all that they require to carry out their treatment and crisis care.

Having chosen their careers in the medical field and in saving people’s lives they are all dedicated to assisting others and carry out their duties in a warm and friendly manner. They all operate their duties under the specially designed and adapted standard operational procedures, which provide them their protocols for their work. All our paramedics have undergone specific training in Ghana in order to adapt them into operating their skills in this challenging and unique environment. The WARA Paramedic has a WARA doctor 24 hours available to them by an on call system should they require one. The extremely professional and intensive care that our patients receive by our paramedics care during transportations ensures maximum comfort and medical safety.

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Horiz_About_Team_img7.jpgOur head office front desk staff in Accra are the front line for our Accra clinic reception, membership renewal and membership registration. They can be reached by phone through our landline which operates during normal working hours. They can also be reached by email and fax and all contacts can be seen under WARA CONTACT INFORMATION. You will find our front desk staff members extremely helpful and all have been trained to assist our members in our reception and waiting area.

Whilst our normal office hours are Monday to Friday one administrative support staff member remains on duty during weekends and Holidays to support the clinic opening hours. In any emergencies however our clients are supported through the medical hotlines which are only given out once membership is activated.

Mr Paul Nkansa leads our financial team and for accounting or financial purposes his contact also appears under our WARA CONTACT INFORMATION.

Human Resource Oficer resources the growing WARA team both in Accra, all of our remote sites and Sierra Leone operations. For all vacancies recruitment, her contact appears under our WARA CONTACT INFORMATION. 

Our administrative manager, assists with all the bookings and procedures for our Training Academy. For more details on this please read under the section WARA TRAINING ACADEMY.

Our Public Health desk improves the health and well being of people in our community through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention. For Health and Awareness Education programs please contact public-health@westafrican-rescue.com

In addition to our administrative staff we have a full set of cleaners, gardeners and security teams who ensure the standard of hygiene, neatness and well running of both our staff canteen, in house accommodation, clinic, training academy, ambulance base and office are all operating and well maintained.

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Our growing fleet of 16 vehicles are driven by our team of 20 well trained ambulance drivers. We do intensive regular in-service training with our driver team to ensure their capabilities of handling our ambulances with the expertise required in this high risk road traffic environment. Their local intricate knowledge assists in the many cases where the lack of road signs or house numbers exists. All of our drivers undergo annual intensive first aid and ambulance assistance trainings and have in addition done advanced defensive driver training to support their driving roles.

Our WARA office has in addition two dedicated dispatch riders to support delivery of laboratory samples to private laboratories with whom we work.

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