WARA Affiliated with International SOS Accra Clinic

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In support of our emergency services WARA decided to open our new WARA affiliated with International SOS clinic. Since then our private clinic in Labone Accra has become an extremely busy general practitioners medical practice. Our clinic is run on a very high standard where individuals and families can consult privately with a doctor in a clean and cool environment with minimal waiting time.

We have a team of five doctors who support the duties of the Accra clinic. This ensures that one of our physicians is on duty seven days a week with extended hours during the week to 9 pm for the benefit of our clients. However, our emergency medical assistance team are operative 24/7.

The Accra clinic is largely a family practice and a first point of call for medical consultations with the General Practitioner for any medical condition requiring, diagnosis, medical treatment and care. Should any of our doctors feel that there is a need for a specialist opinion at any time, they will draw upon their contacts through our established network and facilitate a referral appointment for the necessary specialist that you require.

We maintain a healthy stock of pharmaceuticals for prescription treatment purposes which means that you can end your consultation with the medications you require to save you a trip to a pharmacy. Should the doctor recommend any laboratory tests, these are taken at our clinic or  directly at the laboratory with whom we work. Results are sent directly to our doctors who will then interpret them and be in contact with you.

We prefer to take booked appointments for clinical consultations which can be done either by calling our medical assistance hotline with your medical problem. Of course should it be an emergency we do take exceptional walk in clients to see a doctor at the earliest convenience.

Our clinic is only open to registered members of West African Rescue Association Affiliated with International SOS in order to provide our clients with our exclusive private services, this ensures that our clinic is well managed and that we are not overwhelmed by the general public to minimize the wait for our clients. All records and treatment is kept with absolute professionalism and confidentiality as would be expected in any country in the world.

We stock the regular range of essential vaccinations to Ghana for the purpose of travelers being able to ensure themselves well inoculated against high risk diseases and are also ready to give advice on which vaccinations we recommend as worthwhile and essential for this region.

In addition to being a family practice both our Accra and Takoradi Clinics are licensed and registered by the UK Oil and Gas to perform Offshore Medicals. We regularly perform full these offshore and preemployment medicals for employment and immigration purposes required for work permits. If you would like to book for a full medical please ensure you are aware that these appointment take longer than a normal consultation. In addition for the medical you will be required to fast from midnight the night before for some of the laboratory tests, for this reason early morning appointments are preferable.

As a general rule of thumb we recommend that all individuals over 45 are given a full medical every two years and annually if there are any chronic underlying conditions such as hypertension, diabetes or if you are a heavy smoker and have a history of cholesterol.

Accra Clinic Hours:

Monday–Friday 08h30 am–9 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays               08h30 am–9 pm

Paediatric Clinic – Mondays and Wednesdays    15h30 am–6 pm
You will see that our extended clinical hours will assist the working parents, the school child who needs to see a doctor before school and the executive who can only come and see a doctor after work. We have found our clients to be extremely satisfied to have these extended clinical hours for their needs.
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