WARA Affiliated with International SOS Takoradi Clinic

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Our WARA affiliated with International SOS Takoradi Clinic and ambulance base is located in the Chapel Hill Area in Takoradi and is well signposted from the major junctions in the area.
Please click here to download the map and directions. The postal address and all appointments are made through our headquarters in Accra and central medical hotline.

Our facility in Takoradi consists of an ambulance base and emergency clinic to provide emergency care support to the growing offshore oil and gas activities in Ghana. This clinical facility is well prepared and equipped to provide helicopter air rescue out of Takoradi. Serious cases will be flown directly to Accra but minor cases are received in our Takoradi base. Our entire WARA affiliated with ISOS team including the Takoradi base is on standby for facilitation and rescue for multiple casualties from accidents which could occur offshore.
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Our Takoradi clinic is a replica of the Accra Clinic but has a few additional features due to the remoteness from Accra. We have set up our own ISO accredited laboratory and in addition have an x-ray facility; both of these are available 24 hours. Our private wards both two bedded for patients who require being admitted overnight under our care. Admitted patients are taken care of by our own resident doctors, paramedics and nurses.


Should any of our existing WARA affliated with ISOS members spend a lot of time in the Takoradi or Cape Coast area or be based there and would like to upgrade their current membership to include having access to additional infrastructure please be in contact with us by sending an email to help@westafrican-rescue.com to explore this option and a contractual agreement.

Takoradi Office Hours

Whilst this facility is open 24 Hours for Emergencies purposes all emergencies are coordinated through our two medical hotlines and medical assistance center based in Accra:

For non-urgent Doctor Consultations our Takoradi Clinic is open during the following hours:


Monday – Saturdays           8am – 5pm


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