WARA Affiliated with International SOS 24 Hour Medical Assistance

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All WARA medical emergencies are coordinated through our two dedicated medical assistance hotline numbers. These hotlines are operated by dedicated full time medical staff, specially trained in emergency medical call handling. They will ask and guide you through the process question by question to establish your emergency situation and support you and respond to your needs timely and in the most appropriate way. One of our Medical Directors is on call 24/7 for support to this team.

Our medical assistance lines are not only for emergency purposes but also frequently used for general medical enquiries, advice, booking of clinical appointments with the doctor and referrals to specialists through our wide network. Should you prefer to send an email in the event of a non-urgent medical request we also have a 24/7 email operated through our call center to make clinical bookings. You can reach the medical assistance team under:
Our organization assists thousands of people and our services are exclusive to registered members. For this reason quoting your membership ID number is an essential part of the information required for our assistance. Upon registration and payment, you will receive both of your membership identification number and the dedicated medical assistance hotline numbers.

An emergency call handling guideline has been established to help you ensure fast and adequate emergency reaction. Please click here to download the document on EMERGENCY CALL HANDLING GUIDELINES.

Establishing the exact emergency circumstance is highly significant to initiate appropriate responses. Please try to speak as clearly as possible and give our staff the most realistic and accurate information as possible so that they can establish an accurate picture of the emergency situation and respond in an appropriate way.

Ghana is a challenging environment to find some specific locations. We have selected a team of excellent emergency response drivers who know Ghana very well and can assist us with locating the emergency scene. With at times a lack of street names and the lack of plot numbers we often find places by major landmarks. If you find yourself in an emergency situation at a location you are unfamiliar with and it is difficult for you to explain to us how to get there – hand over the phone to someone who can explain so our staff can be guided to your emergency scene.

We recommend that you keep both the WARA emergency hotline numbers along with your membership ID number in a few safe and convenient places. Suggestions are: your personal mobile phone and your family phones, on your fridge, next to your telephone and somewhere in your car. As part of your membership package you will receive car stickers, indicating our emergency medical assistance hotlines.
Please remember to have your Membership ID number available 
when you make your emergency call

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