WARA Affiliated with International SOS Air Rescue Services

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Local Air Evacuations:

If any of our members are outside of Accra, Takoradi or Kumasi and are in a life threatening medical situation, we will provide immediate air-ambulance transportation. This is done by using either helicopter or fixed wing resources to fly you from anywhere within Ghana and bring you back to Accra for medical treatment and diagnostics.

The costs for all air evacuations can be submitted to your insurance company or to the corporate member organization through which your membership registration was arranged. Costs are depending on the location and include all landing/over flight fees as well as fuel and other associated costs. Any larger corporate client who wishes to place a permanent and immediate guarantee of payment with us for the event of air rescues they can do that at any time. Urgent quotations for air rescue flights can always be arranged through our 24 hour assistance email address see WARA CONTACTS

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Although we are only operational with our service provision by being on the ground in Ghana and in Sierra Leone, we frequently assist our clients who find themselves in medical emergencies in the greater West African Region by getting them back to Accra for medical stabilization. Our fixed wing aircrafts are fully medically equipped with intensive care units, licensed and insured. All air ambulance flights are accompanied by our own medical teams with a full set of dedicated flight equipment. Read more about our equipment under our EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SECTION

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Since recent political destabilization in neighboring countries, Ghana, and more specifically, Accra has increasingly become the leading destination of choice in West Africa for medical stabilization and treatment. This makes the presence of our health care and assistance team highly valued, not only in terms of onsite medical management in Ghana and Sierra Leone, but also in terms of mobilization of patients from remoter destinations in West Africa back to Accra. WARA in affiliation with International SOS has a long history and an extensive experience in the providing of air ambulance flights in this region. Despite the huge amount of logistical challenges common to facilitating such services in this area, we are the most established and experienced health care provider in the region. Permanent over flight permits to regularly visited countries and being within a fast reach makes it extremely fast and easy for us to evacuate someone in the West African Region back to Accra.

You can look at the map provided to see which countries our current operational configurations can reach in terms of these remoter West African Medical Evacuations.
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The Regional Air Rescue Capabilities of West African Rescue Association


The map gives an overview of the area within the West African Region which we can currently reach. The aircrafts show the three destinations where we can fly to in order to provide wing to wing flights with international insurance or assistance companies.
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Commercial Flight Escort and Commercial Repatriations:

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Dispatching an air ambulance half way around the world is a very expensive and dedicated service. There are some unique highly critical cases in which this is absolutely required. There are many cases where a client may be well enough to go on a commercial plane but not well enough to fly internationally alone. In such cases it is ideal that medical accompaniments or medical escorts are used to assist clients in getting them back to their home countries comfortably and safely. Our team has standby doctors, nurses, paramedics and a psychologist to accompany such repatriations to assist our clients and insurance companies should we be requested. Most commonly a business class seat is booked where a patient can fly reclined and comfortably with the escort to support them with their pain, lavatory and comfort needs throughout the journey.

Below is a list of countries where we have provided medical escorts to so far:

map_UK.png  The United Kingdom map_Denmark.png  Denmark
 style=  The USA map_Italy.png  Italy 
map_Canada-(1).png  Canada  map_Netherlands.png  Netherlands 
map_Australia.png  Australia  map_Israel.png  Israel 
map_SouthAfrica.png  South Africa  map_France.png  France 
map_Belgium.png  Belgium  map_Lebanon.png  Lebanon 
map_Germany.png  Germany  flagge-nigeria-flagge-button-20x30.gif Nigeria 
map_Switzerland.png  Switzerland  flagge-sierra-leone-flagge-button-20x30.gif Sierra Leone 

International Repatriations:

Should an international evacuation become imminent we collaborate closely with your international insurance company to make the necessary arrangements for your repatriation. Furthermore, we set up the necessary doctor to doctor calls to assist with the most rapid evacuation possible. We do all these and more through your insurance company in the event of an immediate air evacuation being necessary. Obviously, these arrangements are subject to your particular insurance cover or policy.

To facilitate your evacuation our medical staff will transport you to the airport by ground ambulance and hand over your medical case to the international medical team. Should the international team require any ground handling in Ghana such as hotel bookings for their staff or transportation we can assist them with this as well.

If you are to be repatriated for medical purposes and are able to take a commercial flight, we offer a variety of medical accompaniments to ensure your care, safety and comfort during the flight. We will stay with you until you have been competently handed over to a medical team or facility at the flight.