WARA Affiliated with International SOS Ground Ambulance Services

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West African Rescue Association in Affiliation with International SOS assists its registered members directly by sending a paramedic, nurse, doctor or psychologist to your immediate assistance in a crisis if and when it is determined that it is medically required. When you register with us, you will gain access to our two dedicated 24 hour medical assistance hotlines once your membership officially commences, this will link you up directly with a member of our medical staff on duty at our 24 hour medical assistance team. All of our ambulances are activated and dispatched with a minimal response time for 3–5 minutes out of our bases. We currently have a 10–15 minute response time to both the Kotoka International Airport and the Takoradi Airport to support our Air Rescue Missions.

WARA Ground ambulance service coverage by road


Out of our Accra,Takoradi and Kumasi base we have a record of an average response time of 3 - 5 min. All our emergency vehicles are equipped with blue lights and sirens allowing us to move rapidly even in congested traffic conditions. Fortunately in Ghana sirens are well respected and traffic moves aside for us accordingly.

If your medical situation is not serious or life threatening, our medical personal would advise you where you can get the appropriate treatment or help that you require or you can book a clinical consultation with in one of our clinics. This may be in the form of a scheduled appointment at our clinic or with one of our network physician specialists, or directions to a reliable laboratory or another diagnostic facility. It may be medical advice you need in order to manage your particular current problem or complaint. This may even be as minor as directing you to a pharmacy to be able to purchase medication which you need to get hold of.

Our ambulance fleet and emergency equipment are of a high international standard and comprise of advanced adult and pediatric life saving medical rescue and critical care equipment and medications. Our operational staff has aviation, medical and counseling training. All our medical staff has the requisite experience to deal professionally with critical care and emergency crisis management procedures.
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Our fleet consists of 15 ambulance cars, six emergency response vehicles. Our ambulances are only driven by our personally trained ambulance drivers who know the roads in Ghana and the challenging driving conditions there. All our ambulance drivers have completed advanced defensive driving courses and done first aid courses with our team on an annual basis.

Our vehicles are well maintained and disinfected under diligent and strict standard operational procedures upheld by our team after each mission to ensure that they are ready and in an immaculate condition and ready to receive the next emergency call.

We are currently still the only ambulance service in Ghana who can perform intensive care transports with highly critical and ventilated patients in a safe and effective way.

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