WARA Counseling Services

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As part of our commitment to provide holistic health solutions to our clients, WARA is happy to provide our own in house counseling psychologist. Caroline Pearman, also our General Manager and is on call for emergencies and crisis but also available for booking therapy consultations. Whilst dedicated to the Accra WARA affiliated with International SOS Clinic, Caroline is on standby for remote site support and crisis and does travel to Takoradi and Kumasi on special request.

Her background in nursing assists her in cases which are both medically related or purely emotional or psychological. Caroline holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Canada and has been practicing her skills through the WARA office for the past six years. Caroline is also qualified as an EFT and NLP Practitioner which are short term effective techniques specially powerful in dealing with trauma cases.

She is also on call 24 hours through the medical assistance hotline for any of our registered members who experience a tragedy or trauma outside of normal hours and need immediate trauma or crisis counseling. Caroline sees children, adults and also sees families or couples who require support.

In addition to private counseling, Caroline also provides motivational speaking for our corporate clients on request. Some of the topics include preventative related issues around health care such as malaria and Sexually Transmitted Diseases prevention, cancer awareness as examples. Behavioral change related topics can include subjects like drugs and alcohol, stress management and insomnia for example.

Caroline also gives talks for parental or school support on parenting topics, adjustment issues and teenage behavioral problems as well. Her background of working in an expatriate health care environment for the past 19 years has given her a considerable amount of experience and confidence in this area of work.

The WARA team in addition has trained HIV counselors to be able to handle dealing with the emotional and sensitivity surrounding this disease. As part of the dedicated professional health care team all issues related to counseling are dealt with in the most confidential and highly sensitive way in order to protect our clients.
Booking an appointment with our counseling psychologist can be done by calling our medical assistance hotline or landline during the normal working hours or by sending an email to assist@westafrican-rescue.com

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