WARA Event Management - Medical Support Event Site

WARA is frequently requested to support schools, universities, sports teams and diplomatic missions for special events which they are organizing by providing healthcare and emergency medical assistance. If these are in Accra or Takoradi we are pleased to send our ambulance team to your event site to support it medically. Below is a guideline to assist you in your planning of ‘ideal’ medical back up in accordance with maximum health and safety guidelines internationally.

If your event is a travel related event such as a team of diplomats or special guests travelling within Ghana, we can also quote you and provide a dedicated doctor or paramedic team with equipment to accompany you on your remote travel to minimize your health and safety risk.
In case you are planning a corporate event and would like WARA to provide emergency medical services and assistance, feel free to contact us via email: help@westafrican-rescue.com
For adequate planning of our resources we do require at least a two week notice for such events.

Medical Staff Guideline for Professional Event Management



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