WARA Training Academy

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Introduction To The WARA Training Academy

In support of our commitment to accident prevention and saving lives, WARA decided to open and run a training academy to improve general awareness of first aid at home, school, and workplace and in the general community.

Our training programs involve theoretical and practical information maximizing skill development and educational needs of participants. We ensure that we teach the latest life-saving first aid interventions and revise our content regularly to meet international standards. Our trainers have international certification in first aid instruction. Scenarios, case studies and mannequins are used throughout the training to involve participants in an interactive learning experience. Courses are certified with certificates of attendance issued on completion. O
ur training programs can be tailored to your organizations specific needs and risk factors.

Our training team is equipped with adult and pediatric mannequins for their workshops with hands on practice of the latest CPR techniques. Some of our mannequins are electronically connected to a CPR feedback device which can show the success of heart massage techniques being used, measuring the effectiveness with regards to providing the simulated patient with enough oxygen to survive.

Based on the assumption that:

… WARA hopes that many lives will as a result be saved due to well informed persons of the concepts of first aid.

We encourage all our members to regularly do basic life support training as this is also a significant help to our emergency response teams. In emergency situations all over the world there will always be a certain response time between the emergency call and the arrival of professional help. There is a lot that a lay person can do which can enhance the chances of survival for an individual in crisis. Our courses encourage a certain level of knowledge with regards to first aid and life support techniques.

Location of The WARA Training Academy

Our training academy is part of our head office complex in Labone, Klotey Crescent in Accra. Most training is done at our academy but with adequate notice and on special request, our team can also travel to your factory or remote site location for onsite training purposes. For better planning and organization of the training, early bookings well in advance is essential. Should your team wish to have a training at a hotel conference facility with meals and coffee breaks included this can also be arranged on different levels of affordability.
For bookings and further enquiries: training@westafrican-rescue.com

Information on Courses Offered at Our Training Academy

1. Basic Emergency First Aid Certificate 1 day
  • Designed for the lay person to give an excellent overview of the basic principles of dealing with an emergency and first aid response.
  • Ideal for individuals, nannies, drivers, house help or any person wanting basis first aid skills.
  • It is recommended renewal annually – valid for one year.
2. First Aid Advanced Certificate 3 days
  • Designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills to perform basic first aid principals in the place of work, under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations.
  • Price, Dates and Specific Work Hazards to be specified and discussed on booking.
  • Ideal for companies and our corporate clients who require a high standard of first aid to be maintained for occupations health and safety purposes.
  • Renewal done by doing the refresher training course every 3 years.
3. First Aid Advanced Refresher Certificate 1 day
  • Designed to update those who have previously attended the initial First Aid Work Certificate, 3 day course.
  • Price, Dates, Specific Work Hazards to be specified and discussed on booking.
  • Recommended renewal done by refreshers every 3 years.

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It is also very important to have a well-stocked first aid kit available at home, in your car at all times and even when travelling outside of the major cities in Ghana. WARA does stock some first aid kits. Our team can also advise you on the contents of your existing kits to ensure they have all you need.

All Information regarding First Aid Kits, Trainings enquiries and Bookings:

training@westafrican-rescue.com  or our landline during office hours: 0302 781258

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